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Surf City 2012 Yearbook

You can download a high resolution photo with names here.  Password is Ashley's last name.


2012 Surf City Beach Patrol season statistics:
Total Rescues � 109
Missing Persons Recovered by the Patrol � 15
First Aid Responses � 17
Total Estimated Beach Population � 198,500
Average Water Temperature � 71 degrees Fahrenheit
Green Flags - 65 days
Yellow over Green Flags (Limited Bathing) - 12 days
Yellow Flags (Restricted Bathing) - 2 days
Red Flags (No Bathing) - 1 day

2012 was the best summer I can remember as far as warm, clean water is concerned.  I don't think we trained in the bay more than two or three times because the ocean water was too cold.  Even the jellyfish kept thier distance;)  The fantastic water conditions also meant that there were lots bathers, and lots of bathers usually means more rescues.  The increase in bathers along with the abundance of flash rips up and down Surf City increased our rescues to 109 from the 44 we recorded last season.  EMS responses were up from 8 in 2011 to 17 in 2012 but it should be noted that 8 of those EMS responses were for fish hooks, which isover double the number that normally occur in a season.  Thankfully all of our resces and EMS responses were relatively minor.  I would like to thank everyone on the squad for all of their hard work and vigilence this summer, from the first day to the last.

This summer we welcomed five new lifeguards to our Surf City Family.  Jaime M., Mitchell G., Emily R., Jeannie G., and Doug L.  They all did a fantastic job on the beaches, fitting in with the veteran guards, and helping to make the squad a more effective lifesaving operation.  I'm hoping that they can all come back next summer but of course I realize that sometimes other opportunities must be pursued.

I would also like to thank all of the lifegaurd parents for all of your support during the summer.  Hosting dinners, taking photos, supporting the guys and gals at the tournaments, etc...  It's really nice to have such that "base."

And finally a HUGE thank you shout out to our own Tony Nitti.  Tony has been hosting our Epic Tournament for quite a few years now and also MC'd the Island Tournament this year.  Everybody I spoke to noticed what a great job Tony did on the mic.  I also want to thank Andre Garner and Collette for all of their help keeping the Island tournament moving along.  I don't think it would have happened without those guys.

Tournamet-wise this turned out to be a banner year for the Surf City Women.  I don't think I'm going out on a limb when I say that this was the strongest female team I've ever seen.  Ten years ago Lavallette had a very strong women's team, and they still do, but I think this team would have beaten that one too.  The women competed in three women only tournaments this season, won two of them, and came in second the other one.  And I should add that the second place team finish was due to a boat collision and a questionable finish in the line race.  The team that beat them was squashed the two other times they competed against one another.  Let me put it another way, the women competed in a total of 30 events this season.  They won 14 of them, came in second in 10, and third in 3.  Out of 30 events they won just about half of them and didn't place in only three!

While the guys didn't fare as well as the women it was still a good year with a 2nd place finish at Seaside Park (depite the crazy buoy distances), 2nd place at the LBI Championship, 2nd place at Ship Bottom, and 3rd at Harvey Cedars.


Surf City 2012 - Most Valuable Competitor - Jaime

Congratulations to Jaime and all competitors a fantastic competition season!
1.    Jaime - 38 points
2.    Jenn - 33 points
3.    Lauren - 29 points
4.    Brittany - 26 points
5.    Emily - 21 points
6.    Evan/Matt K. - 16 points (tie)
8.    Ashley - 15 points
9.    Harrison - 14 points
10.  Jeannie/Mark - 13 points (tie)
12.  Kyle/Nick - 12 points (tie)
13.  Doug/JD - 10 points (tie)

Next year I'm going to count the points earned in the Island Tournament as double since it's our big show.
(1st place - 3 points, 2nd place - 2 points, 3rd place - 1 point)

Epic - Thursday July 12, 2012
1st Place Swim Relay - Jeannie/Lauren/Emily/Jaime
2nd Place Paddle Relay - Jenn/Brit/Emily/Lauren
2nd Place Line Race - Jaime/Jeannie/Emily/Jen/Brit/Lauren
1st Place Medley Relay - Jaime/Lauren/Jenn/Brit

Harvey Cedars Cutter's Cup - Monday July 23, 2012
3rd Place Medley Relay - Doug/Jaime/JD/Ryan
1st Place Block Pull - Matt G./Harrison/Kyle/Doug/Matt K./Evan

Seaside Park - Monday July 30, 2012
2nd Place Beach Flags - Lauren
3rd Place Medley - Doug/JD/Ryan/Evan/Nick
3rd Place Doubles Row - Matt K./Mark
2nd Place Swim Relay - Lauren/Jaime/Harrison/JD
3rd Place Paddle Pick Up - Ryan/Mitchell
1st Place Boat Relay - Jenn/Brit, Evan/Nick, Matt K./Mark
2nd Place Paddle Relay - Kyle/Ryan/Lauren/Nick
2nd Place Run Relay - Kyle/Nick/Harrison/Caroline/Jaime/Lauren

Lavallette Open - Tuesday July 31, 2012
3rd Place Row Out/Swim In - Harrison and Evan

Lavallette Women - Wednesday August 1, 2012
2nd Place Rescue Relay - Jeannie/Emily/Ashley/Lauren/Jaime/Jenn
1st Place Line Pull - Emily/Collette
1st Place Row Out/Swim In - Jaime/Jenn
1st Place Iron Man Medley - Jaime/Lauren/Jenn/Brittany
1st Place Swim Relay - Ashley/Jeannie/Emily/Jaime
1st Place Doubles Boat - Jenn/Brittany

Long Beach Island Championship - Friday/Saturday August 3/4, 2012
1st Place Mile Row - Matt K./Mark
3rd Place Buoy Rescue - JD/Ashley
1st Place Women's Doubles Boat - Jenn/Brittany
3rd Place Boat Rescue - Harrison/Evan
1st Place Doubles Boat - Matt K./Mark
2nd Place Women's Swim - Jaime
3rd Place Paddleboard Rescue - Ryan/Mitchell
1st Place Line Pull - JD/Kyle/Matt G.
1st Place Singles Row - Evan

2nd Place Mixed Doubles Row - Jenn/Nick
3rd Place 2000' Paddle - Paul
3rd Place Surf Dash - Harrison/Jaime/Doug

Island Beach Open - Monday August 6, 2012
3rd Place Surf Medley - JD/Ross/Evan/Nick
3rd Place Rescue Race - JD/Jaime/Doug/Evan/Ryan/Ross/Matt K./Mark/Nick

Island Beach Women - Tuesday August 7, 2012
1st Place Doubles Boat - Jenn/Brittany
1st Place Rescue Race - Jaime/Ashley

2nd Place Paddle Pick-Up - Lauren/Caroline
3rd Place Surf Medley - Caroline/Jaime/Lauren/Jenn/Brittany
1st Place Line Pull - Emily/Ashley/Lauren/Caroline/Brittany
1st Place Boat Swim - Jaime/Jenn
1st Place Swim Relay - Ashley/Jeannie/Emily/Jaime

Ship Bottom - Monday August 13, 2012
2nd Place Boat Pick-Up - Matt K./Mark
2nd Place Paddle Relay - Kyle/Ryan/Ross/Harrison
1st Place Line Pull - JD/Kyle/Doug
3rd Place 1500' Paddle - Ryan
3rd Place Boat Swim - Harrison/Evan

(the following events do no count towards MVP scoring)

NJ State Championship Row - Tuesday August 21, 2012
2nd Place - Dave/Mark

Barnegate Bay Challenge - Wednesday August 29, 2012
1st Place - Dave/Mark



Memories from the 2012 Season











9th Annual Surf City Epic Tournament � Thursday July 12, 2012

This year, for a change of pace, the Epic would be a woman�s tournament.  The teams would still consist of 6 competitors and the events would still be Epic in nature.  Would the curse of the tournament threatening conditions of the last 8 Epic tournaments hold for 2012?  Only the first Epic tournament was held in conditions that didn�t include either freezing water, lightning and rain, giant surf or a combination of all of the above.  And the answer to the question is ... Yes.  The curse is still in effect as the surf was chest high.  After much deliberation it was decided that the tournament would go on with one alteration.  The rowing events would have a water finish.  Competing teams included Surf City, Ship Bottom, Harvey Cedars, Barnegat Light, Beach Haven, Lavallette, and Island Beach State Park.


The first event was the Doubles Row.  Last year�s Island Tournament gold medalists Jenn W. and Brittany H. would row for Surf City.  The surf was huge and the start was wild with boats pitching North and South as they made their way through the impact zone.  Jenn and Collette maintained the best line through the surf and got outside first catching just one wave over the bow of the boat, along with plenty of water in the boat.  Just as the Surf City woman made the right turn at the far buoy Lavallette cut them off on the inside locking the two boats together.  Unfortunately, the distant until that point Ship Bottom boat got the advantage by simply rowing around the locked up boats and cruising to an easy victory.  I would be the ONLY time all season Jenn and Brittany would be defeated in the boat.  Surf City ended up in 6th place in this event.


The 4 person swim relay was the next event with Jeannie G. swimming the first leg.  As Jeannie noted after her leg, �there was lots of elbows getting thrown underwater.�  Jeannie had a good swim in really tough conditions and tagged Emily R. in about a mid pack position.  Emily had a great swim bringing the Surf City women into 2nd place before tagging Jaime M.  Jaime made quick work of the 1st place team and opened up a good minute lead before tagging Lauren R. for the final leg.  Lauren didn�t look back and brought home a 1st place finish for Surf City in the swim relay.


Brittany was up first in the 4x paddle relay and after a hard fought leg handed the board off to Emily in 3rd or 4th place.  Emily had a solid paddle holding position in a tough field of paddlers before handing the board off to Jenn.  Jenn got out clean and rode in a beautiful wave to hand the board off to Lauren in 1st place.  Unfortunately Lauren got hammered by wave after wave after wave.  She stuck with it, finally got out, and caught a nice wave on the way to shore to finish up in 2nd place.



The line race was next and it was a super exciting event.  The current was pulling pretty hard to the South by this time and Jeannie did a great job holding course to Emily.  Meanwhile the buoy swimmer, Jaime made a beeline to Emily and pulled her to Jeannie.  Now it was time for the pullers, Jenn, Brittany, and Lauren to do their job.  It was a close race with Surf City beating the 2nd place Ship Bottom team to the shore by about 5 seconds.  Unfortunately Ship Bottom must have been confused about the rules and the two swimmers and victim ran past the Surf City women about halfway up the beach and then carried their victim over the line.  Meanwhile the Surf City women carried Emily from the waters edge all the way across the finish line.  They followed the rule but it cost them 1st place.  It would be the only time all season the Surf City Women wouldn't win a line race.



The final event was the medley relay.  Jaime had a great swim and came out of the water just behind the Ship Bottom swimmer in 2nd place.  Lauren took off on the board and caught a bomb on the way in and rode it all the way to shore.  Jenn and Brittany took off in the boat and never looked back easily putting a over a minute on the 2nd place team.


A close 2nd place finish for the Surf City Women.  They would go undefeated in the rest of the summer tournaments.

When it was all said and done Ship Bottom won with 32 points while Surf City came in second with 28 points.  Harvey Cedars came in third.  Congratulations to all of the women in the 9th Annual Epic Lifeguard Tournament.  This was one "Epic" tournament.



Harvey Cedars Cutter�s Cup - Monday July 23, 2012

Last year the Cutter�s Cup was cancelled midway through the tournament due to thunder and lightning.  This year the weather was supposed to be nice on the day of the event but for a while it looked like the outcome (weather-wise) might be similar to last year.  There were some ominous clouds, a little thunder and lightning, and plenty of sun showers.  But luckily the weather held up and the tournament went off without a hitch.

Surf City!

The first event was the giant medley relay with Ryan C. and Doug L. each running 800m.  Making things even more difficult was the fact that they had to run up from the hard sand to the soft sand three or four times during each leg of the run.  And making things even more difficult was the fact that while at the Captain�s meeting we were instructed to start our runners in the �opposite� lane, i.e. lane 8 starts in lane 1, we and perhaps one other team were the only teams that followed the rules.  As a result our runners ran a much longer course and JD entered the water a good 20 seconds behind the field.


JD and the second leg swimmer Harrison had a great swim moving the team up a few places before sending Ross out for the first leg of the paddle.  Ross and the second leg Kyle made up a few more places before sending Matt and I out in the boat.  Just at the end of the launch we hit one of those waves that nearly sends the boat vertical and we came down hardHard enough that Matt K. let fly with an (rare for him) expletive.  When it was all said and done we came in 4th place in the Medley Relay.


The next event was the paddle relay and first leg Matt G. got off to a great start handing the board off to Ryan C., who handed off to Ross, who handed off to Kyle.  There was no �love� from the ocean for Surf City as neither Ryan nor Kyle caught a wave and had to paddle virtually all the way to the beach.  The result was another 4th place finish for Surf City.


The boat relay was up next with Matt and I rowing the first leg.  We didn�t get off well on the launch and hit the beach in 3rd place.  Evan and Harrison were next followed by Kyle and Nick.  I don�t know what place we came in but I don�t think we scored any points.


The rescue medley was next with Doug swimming out to �buoy rescue� Jaime.  They had a good leg and came in around 4th place.  JD took off swimming to the buoy in the next leg of the event with Ryan C. heading out on the board to pick him up.  I think they crossed the line in 3rd place just a hair ahead of Ship Bottom.  Harrison hit the water and never looked back hitting the buoy in 3rd place.  Evan had a great row and Surf City finished in 3rd place in this event.


Lauren R. would handle the 800m running duties in the Woman�s Medley relay and she tagged Jaime for the swim in third place.  Jaime was having a good swim but it was really dark and she had a hard time finding our lane and hit the beach a few lanes North of our lane.  Emily took off on the board and returned from a strong paddle to get Jenn and Brit in the water in 5th place.  Jenn and Brit had a fabulous row: Long and strong, straight out and straight back to our lane for a disputed 4th place finish.  I saw them coming in a close 3rd to Lavallette but the judges decided otherwise.  Unfortunately the Women�s event didn�t score team points.  Oh well, maybe next year.


The final event was the one I�d been waiting for since it was rained out last year, the block pull.  We sent our strongest puller, Matt G. out first and he didn�t disappoint, handing the block off to Doug near the top of the pack.  Apparently every team had put their strongest puller first to try and avoid entanglements on the transitions.  Doug had a strong pull handing off to Harrison.  Harrison literally exploded off the line and pulled Surf City in a virtual tie for 1st place.  Kyle was up next and he put the Surf City team in a solid 1st place.  Matt K. only extended that lead before handing off to Evan G. who sealed the deal.  It had been a long night for the Surf City team with virtually nothing going right but finally we had won and event.  And what an exciting event it was!

When the points were tallied Harvey Cedars came in 1st place, Barnegat Light in 2nd, and Surf City in 3rd.  It was a great tournament butI need to make sure the run stagger is sorted out for next year, the number of boat launches remains consistent from event-to-event, and all competitors be required to put the block strap over their shoulders.  Some competitors were reeling in the line so that the block didn�t drag but skimmed over the sand, providing an advantage.



Seaside Park Lifeguard Tournament � Monday July 30, 2012

This year�s Seaside Park tournament would include men and women in many of the events and all events would score team points.  Lauren was up first in beach flags and did a nice job repeating her 2nd place performance from last year.  Kyle G. also brought home some points coming in 4th.


Doug L. ran the 800 in the Iron Man Medley in really swampy high tide conditions getting Jaime M. into the water in 3rd place.  I want to give a big "thank you" shout out to Doug, Ryan, and Caroline for doing the 800 running this year.  Those 800 beach runs are brutal.  The sand is generally like quick stand, you're running up and down hill, you're running against a really solid field, and if that's not enough it's a big part of the IM Medley race.  Jaime tagged Ryan C. for the paddle portion of the event in 4th place and Evan and Nick finished up the race for a 4th place finish for Surf City.  But something didn�t seem quite right about those buoy distances from lane to lane�


Matt K. and I were up next in the 1000� Doubles and after a good launch we veered off course just a bit but got out to the flag with the lead boats.  But then something strange happened and a few seconds later coming off the turn we were over a boat length behind!  We ended up finishing third but as I mentioned above there was something strange going on with those buoys.

The swim relay was next with Lauren starting things off and having a really good swim against a tough field of swimmer, tagging Jaime in 4th place.  Jaime quickly reeled in the 3rd place swimmer but had to work hard to finally move Surf City into 2nd before tagging Harrison.  Harrison had a great swim, increasing the distance to 3rd place but unable to close on the 1st place team.  JD would swim the last leg and despite a heroic attempt to catch the 1st place team would have to settle for 2nd place.


Ryan C. and Mitchell G. were up next in the paddle pick-up.  Ryan C. had a great paddle getting to the buoy just a second or two behind the first place team.  But then something strange happened.  Five seconds later the first place team was way ahead of us!  There was something definitely going on with those buoys and when Doug got back to shore after paddling Mitchell out he told me that the Seaside Park buoy was literally 10 yards (!) closer to shore than our buoy.  Okay it�s all starting to make sense.  Ryan and Mitchell finished 4th in the paddle relay.  Normally when I go for my warm-up row if the buoys are 5 or so feet in or out it�s not a big deal and on this occasion the Jet Ski was still moving the buoys around while we were warming up.  But from what Doug told me this was kind of ridiculous so I had a quick talk with the officials and asked them to check the buoy distances.  A few minutes later the Jet Ski was pulling our buoy closer to shore and the Seaside Park buoy out to sea.  Kudos to Seaside Park for straightening this out.

Jenn W. and Brit H. were the first leg of the Boat Relay and made quick work of the other women�s boats handing off the boat to Evan and Nick in first place.  Evan and Nick opened up the lead a bit further and Matt K. and I sealed the deal with a 1st place by a mile finish for the boat relay.  Hmm, I wonder how those first few events would have gone had the buoys been fairly positioned?


Kyle was off like a bullet for the first leg of the paddle relay with Lauren R., Ryan C., and Nick L. finishing up for a strong 2nd place finish.  Going into the last event we were tied with Seaside Park, 39-39.



 Kyle, Nick, and Harrison did a great job during the first three legs of the final event, the run relay.  The plan was to get a lead and then have the women hold on to it.  Caroline, Jaime, and Lauren did a great job keeping the momentum but in the end got passed by Seaside Park and finished the event in 2nd place. 

So this year the defending team from Surf City would have to settle for a somewhat �buoy tainted� 2nd place at Seaside Park.





 Lavallette Open Lifeguard Tournament � Tuesday July 31, 2012

Harrison, JD, Nick, Evan, Kyle and Jaime wanted to have a go at the unique 6-person Lavallette tournament.  We hadn�t been invited to this tournament since 2008 when we won the tournament in dominating fashion.  Since we haven�t been invited for a few years this tournament hasn�t been on our �training radar� so the team went up really to see what it�s all about and to get some additional race experience.  The team had a good time and gained some valuable experience.  The best finish was a 3rd by Harrison and Evan in the Row-Out/Swim-In.






Lavallette Women�s Lifeguard Tournament � Wednesday August 1, 2012

The conditions for the women�s tournament couldn�t have been any different than that of the open tournament the night before.  On the drive to the tournament it was raining but Lavallette decided to wait it out and the rain eventually stopped.  The ocean was nearly a sheet of glass with just a small shore break.

The first event of the night was the rescue relay consisting of a buoy rescue, board rescue, and boat rescue.  Jeannie swam out as the victim while Emily swam with fins and a buoy to pick her up.  They returned to the beach just behind the first place Lavallette team.  The rest of the field was pretty far behind.  Ashley then swam out to the buoy and Lauren headed out on the board to pick her up and both of them paddled to shore.  Again they hit the beach in second place behind Lavallette.  Jaime swam out for the final portion of the event and Jenn was launched in the boat as Jaime touched the flag.  While they made up some distance on the Lavallette team the ladies would have to settle for a second place finish in the first event.

Next up was the line pull with Emily swimming out and Collette pulling.  Emily had a fantastic swim, straight as an arrow to the buoy in first place.  Collette pulled steady and strong for a first place Surf City finish. 


Jenn and Jaime were next in the row out/swim in and first year rower Jaime did a great job in the boat staying controlled on the oars.  With Jenn at the helm they made it to the buoy line first with yet again Lavallette close behind.  Jaime had a perfect swim back to our lane to seal the deal for another Surf City first place finish.


With only a few short minutes rest Jaime was back in the water for the 1000� swim in the first leg of the Medley Relay.  Despite being tired she held off the field and Lauren entered the water in good position.  Lauren had a strong paddle and Jenn and Brit were launched just a few seconds behind the Lavallette boat.  It was kind of close to the flag but on the way back to shore Jenn and Brit opened up a respectable lead for yet another Surf City first place finish.


Emily, Brit, Jenn, and Lauren  were the paddle relay team and they had a few problems with the water exchanges but still managed to finish in the points in fourth place.  At this point in the tournament although we�d won 3 of 5 events and came in 2nd and 4th in the other two, Lavallette was either winning the events we weren�t or coming in right behind us.  Because of this the score was very close, 21 points for Surf City, 20 points for Lavallette.

Ashley would lead off the critical swim relay with a perfectly straight swim to the flag coming in second place just behind the Lavallette swimmer before handing the torp to Jeannie who had just stepped on a really sharp shell that pierced her foot while launching the boat.  It was a pretty bad cut but not bad enough to stop her from swimming.  I pulled the shell out with a pair of tweezers, taped her foot, and she was good to go.  Jeannie closed the distance on the Lavallette swimmer and Emily caught her on her way out on the next leg.  Jaime had a good battle with the Lavallette swimmer but slowly she pulled away and claimed another first place finish for Surf City.

Meanwhile Brit who was coming down with a cold wasn�t feeling too hot but still had to get in the boat for the final event of the night, the Doubles Row.  Brit and Jenn put in a fantastic row easily handling the field for an amazing fifth first place finish for Surf City.  When it was all over Surf City won the Lavallette Women�s lifeguard tournament in dominating fashion just as the guys had done 4 year earlier.






51st Annual Long Beach Island Lifeguard Championship � August 3/4, 2012

Since the USLA Nationals would be held on the weekend the Island Tournament would normally take place it was decided to move the Islands up a week so that competitors could attend both the Island Championship and the USLA Nationals.  Before getting into the results I first want to thank Tony Nitti for doing an outstanding job as MC.  Tony put a lot of effort into researching and results from the last ten years of the tournament and kept his announcements informative and entertaining.  In addition, I�d also like to thank Andre Garner for stepping in and acting as Tournament Director and helping to keep the Tournament moving along smoothly.

 Friday Night

As always the tournament would start with the Mile row.  Matt K. and I would be rowing it this year.  At the �Islands� meetings earlier in the summer we drew the Southern-most lane for the start of the Mile.  Well actually we drew lane five and LBT drew lane six by default, but since they didn�t attend the tournament that lane would again remain empty for the Island Tournament.


The wind was blowing fairly strong from the South, the ocean was on the verge of white capping, and the surf was messy 2-3� waves, typical tournament conditions.  Evan and Ross got us out to a good start and while we hit a few waves on the way we didn't get any significant water in the boat.  We rowed pretty conservatively to the first mile mark and I noticed that we were beginning to pull away from the field.  After turning the mark we started to put some pressure on the oars (translation "let 'er rip") and had a pretty good lead by the second mile mark.  The end result was a 1st place finish for Surf City in the mile row.  As usual I didn�t see the Woman�s 1500� paddle but from what I heard Lauren had a good paddle but didn�t get any waves at the finish.


JD and Ashley did a nice job in the buoy rescue coming in 3rd place in the challenging conditions.  Kyle, Ryan, Mike G., and Paul were looking strong in the paddle relay but also didn�t get much help from the waves and ended up just out of the medals.



Defending Woman�s Double row champions Jenn and Brit has a rough first half of the race but still managed to get to the buoy tied for first, once they made the turn and found their rhythm they pulled away from the field and easily repeated their 2011 gold medal performance.



Harrison and Evan were up next in the Surfboat rescue event and put in a solid performance for another 3rd place finish for Surf City.  In what was one of the most exciting events of the night Nick represented Surf City in the Iron Man.  As usual the Iron men from Harvey Cedars and Barnegat Light had a separate and exciting battle for 1st and 2nd while Nick was fighting for a spot on the podium with the Beach Haven competitor.  As is often the case in challenging ocean conditions it came down to the row and it looked like it was going to be a sprint to the finish as both competitors jumped from the boat at the same time.  Unfortunately the water was deeper where Nick jumped and he had to take a few swimming strokes to get to the beach and ended up in third place.



When the points were tallied at the end of the first night Barnegat Light was in the lead with 32 points, Harvey Cedars in second with 35 points, Surf City in third with 31 points, Ship Bottom in fourth with 30 points, and Beach Haven in fifth with 23 points.



Saturday Night

Matt and I were first to race again in the second night of the tournament in the 1000� Doubles row.  After a 20 minute wait to reset a buoy the race was on.  We got out to a decent but not great start, made it out of the turn first and opened it up on the way back to shore for another 1st place finish for Surf City.



Doug and Jaime would represent Surf City in the Open and Women�s swims respectively.  Doug was in a very tough field and fought hard until the end, almost earning a spot on the podium but in the end finishing 4th.  Jaime had a great battle with the Ship Bottom swimmer and beat her out of the water for a 2nd place finish.  The now five time champion from Barnegat Light was a few yards ahead at the finish.


Veteran Ryan and first year lifeguard Mitchell were up next in the paddle rescue and unfortunately Ryan got hit with two breaking waves that the rest of the field didn�t have to deal with.  Despite getting to the buoy in nearly last place Ryan and Mitchell fought their way back into the field for a 3rd place finish!


JD swims best when he�s fired up and he told me that when he saw those �Maryland� swim suits on the other competitors that was the spark.  He was off like a bullet for the buoy and swam a perfect race.  He got to the buoy first and Matt G. and Kyle pulled like their lives depended on it.  I can only imagine the agony of pulling line when the entire squad is literally screaming in your ear to go HARDER!  Luckily the result was never in doubt.  Another 1st place finish for Surf City in the line pull this year.  We are starting to build a little tradition in the line pull with multiple wins from Ed Pretre in the �90�s, Andre Garner in the recent years, and now JD�s win 2012.


Evan had been gunning for the Single row for a few years now and I had a feeling this might be his year.  The start was clean and halfway to the buoy it was clear this was going to be a two boat race between Barnegat Light and Surf City.  Andre was so nervous for his �little� brother that he couldn�t watch most of the race and I had to tell him how things were going.  Just out of the turn BL had a little lead and Andre took a peek and remarked to me, �Oh jeez he�s behind!  Can he make that up?!  Tell me he can make that up?!�  I reassured Andre, "he can make that up.�  As they approached the shore Evan was slowly closing on BL, but would there be enough time?  In the final yards Evan pulled ahead a bit and jumped out of the boat a second before the BL rower.  Another 1st place finish for Surf City!  Now what happened after Evan crossed the finish line is hard to describe.  I can only recall a blur of celebratory motion from Evan with hair whipping around, fist pumping, and foot stomping.




Jenn and Nick were up next in the Mixed Doubles row.  There was a bit of confusion with the surf "mixing" things up at the end.  Jenn and Nick finished in the medals in 2nd place.


Paul was up next in the 2000� paddle which was lengthened from 1500� just this year.  Paul got off to a good start, moved into 3rd and remained there for the remainder of the race.  The final event, the Surf Dash, proceeded much the same way with Doug coming out of the water in a close 4th place, Jaime moving Surf City back into 3rd, and Harrison securing a 3rd place finish in the Surf Dash for Surf City. 




When all the points were tallied Barnegat Light was once again crowned the Island Champions amid ever growing eligibility verification concerns.  The home grown team from Surf City once again came in 2nd place with Harvey Cedars coming in 3rd.




Island Beach State Park Lifeguard Tournament � Monday August 6, 2012

While the conditions were perfect for a lifeguard tournament, relatively flat water and small waves, it turns out it wasn�t to be our night.  Matt and I came in a disappointing 5th in the Doubles boat while the paddle relay team of Matt G., Nick, Ryan, and Ross came in 6th.  In the Iron Man Medley, JD swam, Ross paddled, and Matt and I rowed to a 4th place finish. 

Matt and I making the turn in the 1000' Doubles, Lavallette to the North, Island Beach to the South


The Swim Relay

The Paddle Relay

The Row Relay

Since we were down a rower we took it easy in the boat relay while Harrison, Doug, Jaime, and JD finished in 7th, just out of the points in the swim relay. 

Line-Pull and Paddle Rescue legs of the Rescue Relay

The Boat Rescue leg of the Rescue Relay

In the final event JD swam out with the line to pick up Jaime while Doug and Evan pulled them in.  Ryan paddled out to pick up Mitchell and Matt and I rowed out to pick up Nick for a 4th place finish in the Rescue Relay.  When all the points were tallied we came in 7th out of 12 teams.



Island Beach State Park Women�s Lifeguard Tournament � Tuesday August 7, 2012

Once again the conditions were perfect for a lifeguard tournament; small waves, flat water, and a light South breeze.  As had been the case for the ladies all summer, tonight would again be their night.  After winning the Lavallette tournament last week this would be another good test for the Surf City women against the 8 team field.

Jenn and Brit were up first in the 1000� Doubles row.  They made it to the mark just about tied with the Lavallette boat but came out of the turn just a second or two ahead.  It was a good race to the shore but they continued to ever so slightly pull way.  Near the beach they caught a small runner for a 1st place finish.

First place in the Doubles Boat


Jaime and Ashley were our team for the buoy rescue with Jaime swimming out to pick up Ashley.  Jaime had a good swim only having to fight against the current a little bit at the end of the swim to make it to the buoy.  They headed for the beach tied for first place but slowly pulled away from the field and brought home another 1st place finish for Surf City.  Jaime remarked after the event that she �couldn�t even feel Ashley on the buoy.�

1st Place in the Buoy Rescue


Lauren and Caroline were next in the paddle rescue with Lauren paddling out to pick up Caroline.  Lauren got to the mark about 3rd or 4th and the women had a good paddle back to the beach catching a wave.  While they crossed the line in 2nd place the winning team didn�t cross the line with both competitors holding the board as we were told at the Captain�s meeting.

2nd Place in the Paddle Rescue

Recently back from Spain Caroline ran the 800 to start the Iron Woman medley.  It seemed like a long run and she got Jaime into the water in about 2nd or 3rd place.  Jaime and Lauren finished in about the same place in the paddle pick-up portion of this event.  Jenn and Brit had a solid row but we never found out what place we came in.  I think it was 3rd or 4th.


The line pull was next with Emily swimming and Caroline, Brit, and Lauren pulling.  Again Ashley would be the victim.  Emily had a fantastic swim, straight to the mark and Surf City was the first team pulling.  The result was never in doubt as Emily and Ashley ran across the finish line for an easy 1st place.



1st Place Line Pull



Jaime and Jenn would have another shot at the Row-Out/Swim-In event they had won a week earlier in Lavallette.  Once again they were first to the mark and Jaime was first in the water.  Ship Bottom put up a good fight for a while there but again the final result was never in question; another 1st place for Surf City.



The final event was the swim relay with Ashley swimming first, Jeannie second, Emily third, and Jaime fourth.  Ashley would be starting off against the ace swimmer from Ship Bottom and she did her part very well staying very close to the Ship Bottom swimmer.  Jeannie made short work of passing the next Ship Bottom swimmer and gaining the lead for Surf City.  Emily opened that lead up some more and Jaime even more; another decisive 1st place for Surf City.


When the scores were tallied the women of Surf City won the tournament in dominating fashion with 67 points.  Lavallette came in a distant second with 47 points.  Is this the strongest women�s team Surf City has ever had?  Definitely.  I would even bet this is one of the stronger women�s teams in this region.  Well done ladies!





Ship Bottom Lifeguard Tournament � Monday August 13, 2012

After a three week postponement the Ship Bottom tournament was finally on.  And it was definitely worth the wait.  While there was some wind chop and a little bit of surf, the conditions were pretty good.


The boat pick-up was first with Matt K. rowing out singles to pick me up.  While this was the first competition singles row of Matt�s career you�d never know it from his row.  He rowed a straight line to the buoy about even with the lead boats.  I hopped in and we were off.  Right off the bat I could see it was going to be us and BL.  We had a little lead on them but they caught a little runner so we�d have to settle for 2nd place.



Doug would again take on the running duties in the Iron Man Medley and he had a great run getting JD into the water in 3rd place.  JD in turn got Ross into the water in 4th place which is right where we�d finish up after Evan and Nick�s boat leg of the event.





The line-pull was up next and JD had another PERFECT line pull swim hitting the buoy a few seconds ahead of the second place BL team.  I also must give Evan a ton of credit for feeding the line over the whitewater.  Matt G. and Evan started pulling and never looked back.  Another 1st place finish in line pull for Surf City!  It�s always an exciting race and more so when your team is winning.




The paddle relay was next with Kyle leading off and getting to the mark in 3rd place.  Harrison was next and as usual in the paddle relays this summer no waves for Surf City!  Harrison handed off to Ross and Ross to Ryan C. for the final leg.  While we didn�t get any waves on the legs to the beach we certainly got some waves on the way to the buoy as Ross will attest!  The end result was a 5th place finish in the paddle relay.



Matt and I were up next in the first leg of the boat relay and we had a decent row before handing off the boat to Kyle and Nick, who were followed by Evan and Ross.  It would be another 4th place finish for Surf City.



Ryan C. took on the always tough 1500� paddle and got off to a good start, moved into third place and remained there for the duration of the race.  A solid result in a really tough field.


The final even was the boat pick up in which Harrison would swim out to the mark and Matt and I would row out to pick him up.  Harrison had a good swim getting us launched in third place, which is exactly where we finished the race.

 When it was all over Surf City would come in 2nd place overall in the tournament.


6th Annual Surf City Beach Patrol Banquet - Tuesday August 16, 2011
Hugh Lavery and Mike Dunn Inducted into the SCBP "Hall of Fame"

(This section was written by the Chair of the Hall Of Fame, Mike Nitti)

The Surf City Beach Patrol Banquet/Hall of Fame induction of Mike Dunn and Hugh Lavery was a very nice event this past August.   The formal induction of Steve Welc was pushed back to 2013, as I think there was an episode of The Simpsons that he wanted to watch or some other conflict.  Held at the legendary Surf City Hotel, once the employer of iconic lifeguard Kevin O�Donnell,  everyone enjoyed a copious buffet and an open bar.  Ok, maybe the food wasn�t all that copious, especially after a large group of 20-something underpaid guards get through with it, but the bar was indeed open.  Now I�m not a big drinker, but it simply becomes a pragmatic economic decision when you look at the finances of an open bar event, and evolves into more of an issue of cost effectiveness and maximizing your investment.  Oh, and I believe there was some�unpleasantness with the owner of the establishment, which may necessitate the event being moved elsewhere in the future, but we�ll see what happens.

A number of �old timers� were in attendance for the festivities.  Surf City regulars Mike and Britt Garrison were there, as well as Anthony Swale and Tom Smith from the  almost mythical class of 1987.  Hugh had a huge entourage to watch his induction, and Mike�s dad was in attendance for the illustrious occasion.  The current guards seem like a great group, and really appeared to enjoy the event.

Left to Right:  Mike Garrison ('88 to '92), Tom Smith ('87 to '89), Anthony Swale ('87, '88, '95), Mike Dunn ('97 to '04), Mark Dileo ('84 - ), Mike Nitti ('87 to '02), Rip Wagner ('80 - ), Hugh Lavery ('83 to '85)

Mike (The Last Boy Scout) Dunn worked for the Surf City Beach Patrol from 1998-2005. An outstanding all-around lifeguard, Mike always demonstrated a high degree of responsibility and professionalism while carrying out his duties and was a leader on the squad from his earliest days on the patrol. Always a strong swimmer who became an exceptional paddler and rower, Mike represented SCBP in many off-Island tournaments and was consistently a key performer during the Island championships. Most noteworthy among these was a rare �double gold� in 2004 when he won the Mile Row with Captain Mark Dileo, and followed up the next night with a victory in the Singles Row.

Hugh (The Godfather) Lavery was part of the Surf City Beach Patrol for three years in the mid 1980s as a college student at Rutgers College. In addition to competing as a collegiate rower on the Rutgers Mens Heavyweight Crew team, his competition specialties on the beach patrol were pulling line and swimming, having earned medals in both disciplines. He was a part of the 1985 competition team which came very close to winning the Island Tournament. Hugh was the consummate professional lifeguard. A model of integrity, Hugh set a high standard for beach supervision, public relations, and handling emergency situations that have served as a model for decades. Perhaps his greatest contribution, and indeed his lasting legacy, may be his legendary status as a pioneer and vanguard for other guards to travel to Surf City to become a part of the beach patrol. As last count, no fewer than twenty current and former SCBP members can track their lineage to Hugh�s fateful decision to make that historic pilgrimage. To this day Hugh works out with the patrol during his summer vacation offering advice and words of wisdom to the current Surf City Lifeguards.


As you would expect, Mike Dunn was gracious in his induction speech and Hugh was loquacious in his.  Mike talked about how working on the patrol was a transformative experience for him, and inspired him to a career in health sciences.   He also talked about the many great lifelong friends he had gained from his years as a guard.  Hugh acknowledged everyone from badge checkers to Grammy award winning musicians in his induction soliloquy, but was sincerely appreciative of the moment and the value of his time on the patrol.

 All in all, a very good time was had by all.  Be on the lookout for details of next year�s event and induction.  I know it�s very difficult to get down to LBI midweek during August, but it�s always great to see old friends, get caught up, and reminisce about halcyon times.  It would certainly be great to see you more familiar faces there.


Tuesday August 21, 2012 - NJ State Championship Row - 7 miles

This would be our first rowing race of the season and the conditions weren't favorable for since since he just got back from his 4 day extended bachelor party extravaganza.  The previous year the race started at 6:30, scheduled to go off at 6PM, so we took our time warming up and getting ready.  Well they started on time this year and we had to row up to the starting line and into the race.  We lost some time to the "Swift" boat from Margate and never made up the distance finishing 2nd in the Van Duyne class.  To be honest I don't know if a fair start would have mattered because we just couldn't seem to get the oars swinging on this night.

Thursday August 23, 2012 - Longport Hammer Row - 4 miles

We were feeling pretty good for the real "NJ State Championship Row Race," the Hammer Row.  The start of this race is always a fiasco in this race with 50+ Van Duynes.  Generally the top 5 boats just go and then they sound the "start" horn!  This year was a little different.  They instructed boats from Northern beached to line up at the South end of the starting line (a farther distance to row) and Southern teams to the North.  We tried to get into a decent starting point but once again lost valuable time with a few collisions right in the beginning of the race.  We were able to get out with the lead pack of seven boats.  The rest of the field was probably a minute behind.  We had a good row and ended up finishing in 6th place 30 seconds behind the lead boat.  A good improvement from our 2011 finish of 14th place.



Wednesday August 29, 2012 - Ship Bottom Barnegat Bay Challenge - 5 miles

Having just barely won this race last year we knew we'd have our work cut out for us against the "Swift" boat from Margate.  In addition, there was a solid crew from North Wildwood that showed up.  Surf City showed up in force to this one with Jen and Brit rowing our ocean boat, Kyle and Evan rowing our bay boat, and Nick and Joe rowing a borrowed Ship Bottom boat.  Nice job to everyone who participated.  It was nice to see all of the Surf City faces on the water for a final race. 

Evan and Kyle racing with the LBT boat


Nick and Joe


The conditions were absolutely dead flat.  Like sheet of glass on the water flat.  Really a beautiful night for a row.  The start was fair and after a minute or two I knew the boat from North Wildwood was going to be tough.  We came into the turn around Flat Island just behind Margate, with North Wildwood just behind us on the inside, trying to cut us off.  But then it became really shallow and they collided with us.  We were locked up and they were stuck in the sand.  Dave yells to me "you've gotta get out and push!" 

Meanwhile Margate is rowing away with all of the haste they can muster.  I hop out the back and push the boat for a good 30 feet through the muck and jump into the boat, or almost... I kind of slip and fall to one side throwing the boat out of balance for a good 5 or 10 seconds.  After I got back in the seat and started rowing I noticed how winded I was from the run.  I was thinking the North Wildwood guy better be in pretty good running shape...  Now we're a good 5 or 6 boats lengths behind the Margate boat and a few boat lengths ahead of the North Wildwood boat.  I wasn't too concerned with the North Wildwood boat but I have to thank them for pushing us on that 2.5 mile leg North to Bonnet Island.  We really put the steam on and were able to get into a good swing.  Coming around Bonnet Island Dave said "Look to your right."  I was kind of surprised to see us about a boat length behind the Margate boat.  It was going to be a battle to the finish. 

Dave and Mark

The famous rowing coach from Harvard used to tell his rowers that "goin' crazy" is sometimes okay because it allows each rower to express their individuality.  As long as you keep the form and stroke it can give the boat what it needs to win at the end of a long, hard race.  Well Dave and I started "goin' crazy."  Last race of the season.  Neck-and-neck.  It was going to be close but when it was all over we won by 3 seconds.  A great end to a great competition season.


See you next season!


Surf City Beach Patrol, 813 Long Beach Boulevard, Surf City, NJ 08008
Surf City Borough Hall (609) 494-3064