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Surf City 2013 Yearbook

You can download a high resolution photo with names here.  Password is Collette's last name.


2013 Surf City Beach Patrol season statistics:
Total Rescues � 52
Missing Persons Recovered by the Patrol � 17
First Aid Responses � 4
Total Estimated Beach Population � 178,900
Average Water Temperature � 66.5 degrees Fahrenheit
Green Flags - 67 days
Yellow over Green Flags (Limited Bathing) - 13 days
Yellow Flags (Restricted Bathing) - 0 days
Red Flags (No Bathing) - 0 days

For a while it seemed as though 2013 was going to be the summer that never arrived.  The air and water temperature were very cold until well into July.  It was day after day of strong wind from the South and cold water.  The average water temperature for the 80 day season was 66.5 degrees compared to 71 for the previous season.  The water temperature didn't get "swimmable" (upper 60's F) until mid July.  That's half way through the summer!  The combination of cold water and hurricane Sandy probably contributed to the lower than usual beach crowds.  I suppose one positive aspect of the cold water was that fact that rescues were nearly cut in half and EMS responses went from 17 in 2012 to 4.  When people did come to the beach they didn't go in the water.  The water was also calmer than usual with no yellow flag or red flag days this year and only 13 limited bathing days.

We welcomed 6 new lifeguards to the Surf City Beach Patrol this summer.  Kim S. Caitlin, L., Taylor B., Anna E., Beth H., and Eric G.  Each one of them did a fantastic job and we are looking forward to working with them again next season.  Once again I would like to thank all of the parents for their support of the beach patrol, especially the Rothstein's and the Histing's.

As far as tournaments were concerned many of our usual competitions were cancelled due to hurricane Sandy.  Hopefully beach patrols still impacted by Sandy will be up and running at full strength next summer.  Despite the lack of open tournaments it was another banner year for the Surf City women.  For the second year in a row they won the Lavallette and Island Beach State Park tournaments.  For the guys I think the highlight of the summer was the utter destruction of the field in the block pull at the Harvey Cedar's Cutters Cup on August 13.

Surf City 2013 - Most Valuable Competitor - Jenn W.
This year 1st place is worth 4 points, 2nd place is worth 2 points, and 3rd place worth 1 points.  Also since it is our big show, a 1st place in the island tournament is worth 8 points.
Congratulations Jenn!

1.       Jenn W. - 33 points
2.       Kim S. - 30 points
3/4.    Matt K. and Mark D. (tie) - 26 points
5.       Brittany H. - 22 points
6.       Emily R. - 21 points
7/8.    Taylor B./Jeannie G. (tie) - 14 points
9/10.  Lauren R./Evan G. (tie) - 11 points 

Lavallette Women's Tournament - Tuesday July 22, 2013
1st Place Rescue Relay - Kim S./Emily R. (buoy rescue), Lauren R./Taylor B. (board rescue), Jeannie G./Jenn W. (boat rescue)
2nd Place Line-Pull - Emily R./Lauren R.
1st Place Row-Out/Swim-In - Kim S./Jenn W.
1st Place Ironman Medley - Jeannie G (swim), Taylor B. (paddle), Jenn W./Brittany H. (row)
3rd Place Paddle Relay - Lauren R., Taylor B., Emily R., Brittany H.
1st Place Swim Relay - Jeannie G., Caitlin L., Emily R., Kim S.
1st Place Double Boat - Jenn W./Brittany H.

Ship Bottom Lifeguard Invitational - Monday August 29, 2013
1st Place Mile Row - Matt K./Mark D.
3rd Place Line Pull - Doug L., Matt G/Harrison H.

Long Beach Island Lifeguard Championship - Friday/Saturday August 2/3, 2013
1st Place Mile Row - Matt K./Mark D.
3rd Place Women's 1500' Paddle - Taylor B.
1st Place Women's Row - Jenn W./Brittany H. (3rd consecutive win for Jenn and Britt - 8th win for Jenn in this race)
3rd Place Surfboat Rescue - Darren P./Evan G.
3rd Place Ironman - Darren P.
1st Place Doubles Row - Matt K./Mark D.
2nd Place Open Swim - Alan B.
3rd Place Paddleboard Rescue - Joe P., Mitchell G.
3rd Place Line-Pull - Doug L., Matt G./Kyle G.
1st Place Singles Row - Evan G.
2nd Place Boat Relay - Matt K./Mark D., Evan G./Nick L., Ross R./Darren P.
3rd Place Surf Dash - Mike G., Conner M., Doug L.

Island Beach State Park Women's Tournament - Thursday August 8, 2013
3rd Place Double Boat - Jenn W./Brittany H. (Seaside Park drifted into our lane causing collision)
1st Place Rescue Race - Emily R.(w/fins)/Kim S.
1st Place Surf Medley - Lauren R. (run)/Kim S. (swim)/Taylor B. (paddle), Jenn W./Brittany H. (row)
1st Place Line-Pull - Emily R. (swim rescuer), Kim S. (swim victim), Ashley M./Beth E./Anna H. (pull)
1st Place Boat Swim - Kim S. (swim/row), Jenn W. (row)
2nd Place Swim Relay - Jeannie G., Caitlin L., Emily R., Kim S.

Harvey Cedars Cutter's Cup - Monday August 13, 2013
1st Place Block Pull - Matt G./Matt K./Doug L./Mike G./Kyle G./Harrison H. (video)

Longport Hammer Row - Thursday August 22, 2013
1st Place Mixed Division - Caitlin L./Mark D.

Memories from the 2012 Season


















The end of the last day of the 2013 season

Bring Your Best Dish - Monday July 1, 2013

Once again Collette hosted her �Bring Your Best Dish� dinner and it was a great time.  Except for the fact that Matt and Evan ruled the bags.  What a run of luck!


Monday July 21, 2013 Upper Township Row

Matt and I headed down to Strathmere (other end of Sea Isle City) for the 6 mile Upper Township row.  Based on our previous distance row finishes we were able to get in the �A� wave start, which consisted of 18 boats.  The start was furious with all of the boats simply hammering away for the first mile.  The tides were super strong and the race just seemed to go on forever.  Just when you think it�s finished you go under a super turbulent bridge that pulls the boat sideways and then through the inlet with 3 foot chop and even more treacherous currents.  After that it�s just one more bridge with a super strong side current and then the finish.  Normally a bay distance row takes about 10 minutes per mile but this one took us nearly 1 hour and 19 minutes.  Our final place was 11th out of 44 boats. 


Tuesday July 22, 2013 � Lavallette Women�s Tournament

Due to the cancellation of the Epic tournament (not enough teams attending) the Lavallette Women�s Tournament would be the first tournament of the 2013 season.  Last year the women won the tournament, beating the always strong Lavallette women who came in second place.  The women had been practicing hard and while we lost a very strong swimmer in Jaime, we picked up quite a bit of talent with Kim, Taylor, Caitlin, Anna, and Beth this year.  Since we were provided conflicting information regarding the number of competitors on the team (6 or 8?) we brought 8 and only when we arrived at Lavallette did we find out that the team was supposed to include 8 competitors.  We also found a rather nasty shore break.

The first event was the rescue relay with Kim swimming out to the buoy to be picked up by Emily in a buoy rescue.  Kim swam a perfectly straight line to the buoy in her first lifeguard event and arrived at the buoy first.  Emily also had a great swim to the buoy and the two of them returned to the shore in first place.  Lauren then swam to the buoy to be picked up on the board by Taylor and they also maintained first place for Surf City.  Finally Jeannie swam out to the buoy and Jenn rowed out singles through some pretty serious surf to pick up Jeannie and win the first event of the night for the women.  We came in second to Lavallette in this event last year so the night was starting out on a good note.

A little planning and practice before the compeition.  Jenn heads out to pick up Jeannie in the Rescue Relay.

Next up was the line pull with the sister team of Emily swimming and Lauren pulling.  It was a great race between Lavallette and Surf City with Lavallette winning by literally a step.  We�d have to settle for second in this one.

It came down to inches in the line-pull.

Jenn and Kim were up next in the row-out/swim-in and the outcome was never in doubt.  After a getting their rowing in sync after the shore break the women were first to the buoys and Kim was first to the beach.


Kim heads to the finish line for a first place finish in the Boat Swim.

Jeannie did a great job swimming the 1000' for the Iron Woman relay. getting to the beach in first place.  Taylor would take on the paddling duties in this event and brought the board to the beach holding onto first place.  Jenn and Britt sealed the deal in the boat for the third 1st place finish of the night for the women.  But just like last year Lavallette was coming in second every time so the score was still close.

Jenn and Brittany head out in the last leg of the Iron Woman Medley to bring home the third 1st place finish of the night.

Lauren, Taylor, Emily, and Britt put on a great show in the paddle relay coming in a hard fought third place.  It was another nail biting finish with Britt closing on the 2nd place Lavallette paddler during the entire last leg of the race and just getting beat to the line.  At this point Lavallette was only 1 point behind Surf City in the team scoring.  But this is as close as they would get�

The Paddle Relay.  Hey take it easy on that board!

The swim relay was up next and Jeannie was out to the buoy in a close second place to the Lavallette swimmer.  Caitlin swam back to the beach and passed the Lavallette swimmer putting Surf City in first place.  Emily opened up the lead a bit more on leg 3 to the buoy, and Kim opened it yet further to nearly half a buoy on the last leg to the beach.  But again Lavallette came in second place so we were only ahead in the team standings by 2 points.  


The Swim Relay and the fourth 1st place finish of the night.

While the outcome of any lifeguard event is up in the air due to the surf when Jenn and Britt are rowing you can generally count on a very good finish.  And by �very good� I mean that barring a collision in the Epic last year they haven�t lost a row in three years.  No surprise here.  Surf City�s �dynamic duo� in the boat were first to the turn, first out of the turn, and first to the beach by a comfortable margin.


Brittany sprints to the line after winning the 1000' Boat Race.

Congratulations to all of the women's teams and the Surf City women for their back-to-back wins at Lavallette!


Surf City 32 points, Lavallette 27 points, Ship Bottom 21 points, LBT 12 points, Island Beach 6 points


Monday July 29, 2013 � Ship Bottom Lifeguard Tournament

This year Ship Bottom selected a some of the Island Championship Tournament events for their tournament in order to allow the island teams to �tune up� for the upcoming island tournament and see how they stacked up to some of the off island teams.  Competing teams included all six island teams, OB2, Sea Girt, Island Beach, and Midway Beach.  Ten teams in total.

As in the island championship the first event was the mile row.  The conditions were challenging with a South wind strong enough to cause white capping.  Matt and I were in the third lane from the South (lane 8) with Ship Bottom and LBT in the lanes South of us (lanes 9 and 10) and OB2 in the lane directly to our North (lane 7).  We had a good start and were able to pass Ship Bottom and LBT by the first mile mark.  On the way to the second mark all of the boats fell back with the exception of OB2.  They remained relatively close.  After a 16 minute 10 second row we finished in first about 20 seconds ahead of a strong team from OB2.  Sea Girt was third, Harvey Cedars fourth, and BL fifth.  That was a great race.

On the way out in the Mile Row.  OBII to our left and Ship Bottom to the right.

Matt heads for the line in 1st place.


Alan and Kim were up next in the open and women�s swims.  It was a tough field and they came in 5th and 6th, respectively.  Joe, Nick, Mike, and Paul made up the paddle relay and got off to a rough start from which they really could never recovered.  In his first line-pull swim Doug did a great job, as did Matt and Harrison pulling, with a very close 3rd place finish which could have easily been 2nd place.

Alan out of retirement after a 3 year layoff!  Kim in a race to the line.


Doug on the line for his first Line-Pull race.



Garrett stepped up to run the first part of the Iron Man Medley, Darren swam, Joe paddled, and Matt and I rowed.  We ended up out of the points in this one.  The final event was the row relay with Nick and Garret rowing the first leg, Darren and Harrison the second, and Matt and I the final leg of the race.  Despite our mixed up last minute roster for this race we came up with a 5th place finish which earned one point.  Nice!



The Boat Relay.



When all of the points were tallied it was a neck-and-neck race between Harvey Cedars and Barnegat Light with Cedars coming out on top.  Sea Girt finished in 3rd place and we were a point behind in 4th place.



Wednesday July 31, 2013 Sandy Hook All-Women�s Tournament

Some of the women went to the Sandy Hook All-Women's Tournament.  I know they had a great time but that's about all it know...



Friday/Saturday August 2/3, 2013 - Long Beach Island Championship

Because of hurricane Sandy and the fact that many of the Northern beach patrols were still �getting on their feet� it was a light tournament season.  The women competed in Lavallette and the guys in Ship Bottom.  It�s nice to have a few tournaments under your belt before �islands,� but ready or not the island tournament was here.  While LBT and Beach Haven are always invited to compete they choose not to attend the tournament this year.

Matt and I were up 1st in an attempt to defend our mile row victory in 2012.  The wind was blowing hard from the North.  We knew it was going to be a bumpy ride.  Luckily all of the boats got out clean and stayed in order to the first mile mark.  We put a little distance on the field from mile mark 1 to 2, turned the buoy and set off for our lane.  The end result was a 1st place finish in the mile row for Surf City.


As usual I didn�t get to see the women�s paddle as I was rowing the Mile but I heard that Taylor had a good lead on the field for quite a while but slipped back and ended up with a very respectable 3rd place finish.  Alan and Kim also took home the bronze in the buoy rescue.  Joe, Mitchell, Mike, and Paul had another rough start in the paddle relay and came up with a 4th place.

Mitchell in the Paddle Relay.


Jenn and Brittany were looking to defend their 1000� Women�s row title for the third year in a row and the beginning of the race was a bit rocky with all of the teams drifting down about a lane due to the strong North wind.  While it was close at the turn, about halfway back to the beach Jenn and Brittany pulled away from the field for a relatively easy 1st place finish.

Unfortunately, earlier in the day Harrison suffered an ear injury on the paddleboard which would take him out of what would have been his last island tournament.  Darren stepped up and took on both the Surfboat rescue with Evan and the Iron Man, going back-to-back.  Darren had a good swim getting to the mark in about 2nd place but unfortunately Evan got tied up with the Harvey Cedars boat on the way out to the mark and they had to settle for a 4th place finish.  Darren did a good job in the Iron Man but once again the battle for 1st and 2nd was between Harvey Cedars and Barnegat Light.  Darren finished in 3rd place with 4th place far, far behind.  The final event of the night was supposed to be the newly added boat relay but since it was so late and the shore break pretty big the Captains decided to move the boat relay to the second night of the tournament.

After a successful defense of the mile row Matt and I were looking to do the same in the 1000� Doubles.  Unlike the previous night there was almost no wind and the water was flat with hardly any surf.  We got off to a good start and hit the flags with the other boats, I popped and oar at the turn and we came off the turn just a bit ahead of Ship Bottom.  As Jenn would describe it, Matt and I were kind of a �hot mess� on the way back to the beach.  We hit the beach in 1st but Matt slipped getting out of the boat, making for an exciting finish to the race.  Luckily we had enough time in the bank to still win the race.

Since Kim had injured her leg at the Ship Bottom tournament earlier in the week Jeannie took on the super competitive women�s swim while Alan did a great job in the open with a 2nd place finish.  Joe and Mitchell were our paddle relay team this year and Joe had a great paddle to the flag hitting it exactly the same time as the other paddlers.  Joe and Mitch were just a little out of time on the way back and would have to settle for a 3rd place finish.


Joe and Mitch finish up in 3rd place in the Paddle Rescue.

After winning the line pull the last few years the team of Doug, Kyle, and Matt were psyched to keep up the tradition.  Doug had a great swim getting to the mark perhaps 2 or 3 seconds behind the BL swimmer.  But then disaster struck and Doug got his leg tangled in the line.  There were perhaps 10 tenuous seconds of inefficient pulling before Doug extricated his leg and the boys could get back on track.  Despite all of this Doug still got back to the surf line with the other leading teams but unfortunately missed 2nd place by a step.



If you have been part of the Surf City Beach Patrol for the last 5 years or so then you know the trials and tribulations Evan has had with the Singles Row.  Starting out as a novice Evan had some rough nights with the singles, as all new rowers do.  But last year he came into his own and came back from behind and won the race.  I had done quite a bit of rowing with him this season and knew that his rowing had reached a point where there quite simply was no one on this island who could challenge him  Too good, too strong, too much fitness.  This year he was not behind at the flags, pretty much all of the boats hit the flags as the same time.  The boats only go so fast and a good rower or crew can and reach and maintain that speed for about 500'.  The real trick is holding that speed for the entire 1000� race and being able to make a clean turn.  After the turn Evan began to visibly pull away from the field.  By the time he reached the beach I believe the 2nd place boat was over a boat length behind.  That�s quite a distance in a 1000� boat race on flat water.  As he ran up the beach Evan tipped his hat out of respect to them and all of the island lifeguards as this was Evan�s last island lifeguard tournament.

Jenn and Nick would again row the Mixed Doubles and they had a very good row getting to the beach in first or second place, it was a very close race between all four boats and a slip getting out of the boat pushed them into 4th place.  Paul was up next in a very talented field of paddlers in the 2000� paddle and would have to settle for 4th place.

The Boat Relay was to be the last event of the first night but since we ran out of time it was moved to the last event of the second night.  But instead of moving the Surf Dash buoys in and then out of the way for the Boat Relay it was decided to keep the Surf Dash as the last event and run the Boat Relay as the next to last event.  Matt and I were the first leg and handed off the boat to Evan and Nick in the lead.  Evan and Nick had a good row but Ship Bottom in the lane next to caught a wave which put them in the lead.  During the final leg of the relay Ross and Darren were making up ground on the SB boat but didn�t have enough time to overtake them and we finished up 2nd in the inaugural running of the Boat Relay in the Island Championship.


Since Harrison was injured and Darren had to fill in for his event that meant that we lost both Harrison and Darren in the Surf Dash.  It was decided that Mike and Conner would fill in for them.  Mike started it out and put in a fierce effort against a good field tagging Conner in 4th place.  Conner made up a bit of ground on 3rd place before he tagged Doug.  Doug had a great swim and it was exciting to watch him slowly closing in on 3rd place as they swam the course.  About 5 yards from shore Doug finally passed the swimmer previously in 3rd place and moved Surf City into that position helping to earn medals for his teammates.  Congratulations to all of the competitors in the 2013 Island Championship.  It was another exciting year of racing for island pride.



Thursday August 8, 2013 Island Beach State Park Women�s Tournament

Five teams showed up for the Island Beach Women�s Tournament this year, Surf City, Long Beach Township, Lavallette, Island Beach, and Seaside Park.  Jenn and Britt were up first in the 1000� Doubles row.  It was blowing really hard out of the South, not a lot of surf, but it was going to be a tough row.  Jenn and Britt got out to a great start and were first to the turn.  But the very inexperienced Seaside Park crew had drifted into their lane and was positioned broadside 10 yards off of our buoy!  There was no way for Jenn and Britt to avoid them and they t-boned them.  They�ve have to settle for a collision induced 3rd place finish.  I should note that this event and the first event of the Epic last year where there was also a collision were the only rows that Jenn and Britt have lost in the last three years.  Every time there was a �clean� race they won.

Emily and Kim competed in the Rescue Race which is actually just a Buoy Rescue with a victim who does not swim.  Emily had a perfect swim to the mark and picked up Kim just as the Lavallette swimmer picked up her victim.  It was an exciting race to shore as Emily and Kim pulled ahead in the last 20 yards of the race to secure the victory.  Way to push all the way to the finish!

Lauren and Taylor were next in the Paddle Rescue with Lauren picking up Taylor.  They had some trouble getting a good rhythm on the way back to shore and ended up in 4th place.  There was no rest for Lauren as she was to be the runner in the Iron Woman Medley.  She had a good run, tagging Kim who swam to the buoy at which point Taylor headed off on the board to pick her up.  When they reached the beach and Jenn and Britt were launched in the boat they were in second place but behind the Seaside Park boat by a good 30 or 40 yards.  Generally you can�t win and IM Medley race in the boat, but there are exceptions; one exception being when you have a really fast crew against a really "not so fast one.And that was the case for this race.  By the time Jenn and Britt reached the buoys Seaside Park was perhaps a boat length ahead.  15 seconds later they were even and 15 seconds after that Surf City was a boat length into first place.  Way to come from behind and never give up!

Taylor and Lauren in the Paddle Rescue.

Lauren running in the Iron Woman Medley and Taylor and Kim in the Paddle Rescue portion of that race.

Emily was up next swimming the line with Kim being the victim and Ashley, Beth, and Anna pulling.  Emily again had a fantastic swim and I should also mention that Beth did a great job feeding the line.  It doesn�t look hard but believe me it is.  Emily hit the flag first and the women started pulling.  They didn�t look back and it was another 1st place finish for Surf City.

Don't worry Alan, I know how to attach the line!


Another 1st place finish for Emily in the Line-Pull.


Kim was on her third back-to-back event in the Boat Swim with Jenn.  A perfect row out in first place and a great swim back to finish in first place.  Perhaps it wasn�t excitingly close but it was a well-executed race.  The final event was the Swim Relay with Jeannie starting it off.  Jeannie was looking good but then about half way out she started heading for one of the Northern flags.  I�m not sure but since our flag was white and blue, and all of the other flags had white in them I think she caught the white of one of the other flags.  It was really choppy so it�s a relatively easy mistake to make.  Caitlin grabbed the torp and wasted no time in pulling the team back into 2nd place.  Emily made up some more ground on the 1st place Lavallette team, as did Kim, but there wasn�t enough time and the Surf City women would have to settle for 2nd place in the Swim Relay.

Caitlin and Kim in the Swim Relay.


When it was all said and done Surf City won the tournament with 60 points to Lavallette�s 57 points.  They had won 4 of 7 events and could have easily won 6 of 7.  Congratulations to another amazingly strong Surf City women�s team.



Tuesday August 13, 2013 � Harvey Cedars Cutter�s Cup

The last tournament of the season would be the Harvey Cedars Cutter�s Cup.  Garrett and Doug were the runners, Alan and JD the swimmers, Mike and Matt G. the paddlers, and Matt and I rowed.  We were pretty much middle of the pack through most of the event and finished in 5th place overall.  Joe, Kyle, Nick, and Mike did a great job in the paddle relay coming in 4th place.  The swim relay consisted of Alan, JD, Doug, and Harrison.

Serious planning!


But the real reason the guys were looking forward to the Harvey Cedars tournament was for the block pull, which they won in dominating fashion last year.  This year Matt G. would start the race and by the end of his leg he probably had a 5 yard lead on the field.   Matt K. extended that lead to 10 yards, and Kyle G. opened it up some more.  Mike G. and Doug built on that lead so much that by the time Harrison got the block he was actually closer to the last place team than the second place team.  This was one impressive pull.  You can watch the video here.


The boys look confident!

Matt getting ready for the start and Mike in action.

Friday August 16, 2013 � 7th Annual Banquet and Hall of Fame Induction

This year the Surf City Fire Department allowed us to use the firehouse for our 7th annual banquet.  Thank you so much!  It was a fantastic time with the guards bringing a variety of tasty dishes.  We also inducted former lifeguards Michele Miller and Sean Gordon into the Hall of Fame on this 3rd Anniversary of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  I want to thank Councilman Russell for again making a generous donation to our Banquet and for his enthusiastic support of the lifeguards.  I would also like to thank Collette for the cake and posters she made to celebrate my 30th year on the patrol.

The 7th Annual Surf City Beach Patrol Banquet

Collette got me a cake and lots of posters to celebrate my 30th year on the Surf City Beach Patrol!

Hall of Fame Inductees Sean Gordon and Michele Miller.


Thursday August 22, 2103 � Longport �Hammer Row�

After the island races Caitlin and I began training for the longer rows and the Hammer Row would be our first race.  Shortly after arriving at the race site there was a pretty serious thunderstorm but we didn�t think the race would be cancelled because these storms generally hit hard and fast and then the weather clears.  As luck would have it this is what happened and the race conditions turned out to be very good.

Classic storm front when we first arrived at the race site.

The start of the race was the normal melee with the South Jersey teams that usually do very well lining up in the best position and then just start rowing the course.  After a brief amount of time the race officials realize they aren�t going to be able to line up the boats and they just blow the start horn.  The wind and current was with the boats for the first half of the race and we got to the turnaround point quickly.  There was a North Wildwood boat that we would pass and then they would pass us, cut us off, collision, rinse and repeat.  This actually happened 5 times.  We beat them in the end but all the collisions did cost time.

Warming up



The final row around the pier was extra difficult this year with the super strong current and wind and the last mixed boat that was hanging on to us dropped at this point of the race so we ended up winning the mixed division and beating quite a few men�s boats as well.



Monday August 26, 2013 Ship Bottom Barnegat Bay Challenge

 For the past 5 or so years the final event of the season has been the Ship Bottom 5 mile row/paddle.  This year we would again enter three boats.  Me and Caitlin, Jenn and Britt, and Nick and Jake.  The conditions were pretty tough with a strong SW wind.  Everybody had a great time and put in a solid performance.


See you next year! 

Surf City Beach Patrol, 813 Long Beach Boulevard, Surf City, NJ 08008
Surf City Borough Hall (609) 494-3064