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Surf City 2020 Yearbook

2020 Surf City Beach Patrol Season Statistics:
Total Rescues – 101
Missing Persons Recovered by the Patrol – 8
First Aid Responses w/EMS – 11
Total Estimated Beach Population – 198,800
Average Water Temperature – 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit
Green Flags - 68 days
Green over Yellow Flags (Limited Bathing) - 14 days
Yellow Flags (Restricted Bathing) - 5 days
Red Flags (No Bathing) - 3 days


2020 Summer Overview

For the first time since (I believe) 1963 there was no Long Beach Island Lifeguard Competition due of course to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was a definitely a differnet summer but in the end we did our job and kept the beaches safe.  Two stands at every lifeguard station, checking in and out on the beach, and temperature checks to name a few of the new protocols.  While I hope the pandemic is under control for 2021 we did learn methods of improving our body-substance-isolation methods to keep ourselves and the public safe while guarding the beaches.  On a more positive note the water was beautiful throughout the summer!

As always we welcomed a bunch of new lifeguards to the patrol and they really did a nice job.  Matt A.  had the honor of being the first LIT to transition to the beach patrol.  Matt proved to be a fantastic swimmer, paddler, and of course extremely competent lifeguard.  It looks like great things will be coming our way from the LIT program!  Next up we have brothers Parker and Trevor who also joined the patrol.  I should also note that due in part to his tremendous swimming improvement Parker was our 2020 "Rip Wagner Rookie of the Year."  Congrats to Parker for his hard work.

Next up was Emma D.  Emma also made great strides with her swimming coming to us from a high level gymnastics background.  While she has planned to guard full-time, her gym back home reopened and she had to restart her gymnastics training.  To her credit she came down and worked on the beach every at opportunity she had.  She was really a great help throughout the summer and especially toward the end.  Ryan F. was another one of our new guards and would have undoubtely been our ace swimmer this year had the competitions had been held.  I know Ryan was hoping to guard part-time in 2021 and I hope that happens. 

Next up is our Southern Swim Team members Alexis, J., Gabby K., Paige M., Ashley S., and Sean W.  We sure were lucky to pick up 5 amazing young, intelligent, and dedicated lifeguards.  Last but surely not least was Matt S. who was nipping at the heals of Ryan swimming-wise.  I know Matt will be back and absolutely can't wait to test himself in the lifeguard competitions.  Towards the end of the summer we also had a new recruit, Will R., brother of Pat.  Will also turned out to be a huge asset to the squad and I look forward to his return in 2020.  I can't say enough good things about our 2020 rookie guards.